7 Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event

7 Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event

It’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing a return to large-scale live events for a while. But, being social animals, we’re going to need some alternatives to feed our desire for big get-togethers. Hybrid events allow you to achieve the feel and engagement of a global event without having to have thousands of people all in the same space. They’re a lot easier to create than you’re probably thinking, and they come with numerous benefits attached.

First things first, though…

What is a Hybrid Event?

They’re a mix of live and virtual components. The idea is that it makes no difference whether you’re physically present at the event or not, you still get to participate fully. Hybrid event production isn’t about popping a static camera in front of the panel and walking away. Rather, it’s about offering a version of the live events that are as immediate and exciting as being there.

A hybrid event isn’t – necessarily – about everyone walking around in VR headsets. Instead, it’s about creating a digital experience that is different, but as engaging as the real thing. Imagine you have a superstar keynote speaker. So the virtual attendees don’t get to bask in his/her presence, but maybe they get exclusive interview material featuring their questions?

The Benefits of Hybrid Event Production

We’ve come up with 7 benefits of hosting a hybrid event, but to be honest there’s more being discovered every day. The hybrid is a really new innovative way of doing big events, so hybrid event organisers, sponsors and creatives are just getting started with what’s possible.

1. Grow Your Participation

Hybrid event organisers find that more people attend than if they offered a live event only. First of all there’s no ceiling to the number of people who can attend virtually. Secondly, you’re removing a whole load of barriers to attendance in one go!

2. Environmentally Friendly Events

Large events cumulatively create huge carbon footprints. We’re all under growing pressure to find clean, environmentally-aware solutions. Enter the hybrid! No travelling to get there, less plastic used for catering and promotions – everyone gets to attend without harming the planet.

3. Heighten Engagement With Your Participants

Hybrid event organisers like Red Occasions, will tend to start by looking at the experience we want both live and virtual audiences to have, and work from there. This creates a whole load of new networking, Q&A, inclusive and exclusive opportunities to play with.

4. Sponsors Like Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are easier to sell to sponsors. Why? They like the fact that there’s two audiences who can be reached in different ways. The option to sponsor an ad, an app or exclusive material appeals to them. And they like being at the cutting edge – which is where hybrids are situated.

5. Hybrids are Really Adaptable

We’re living in a world where extreme weather events and environmental crises are increasingly likely. Our hybrid hosts have peace of mind that even if travel connections go down the day before their event, we can switch to all virtual without too much of a problem.

6. Cut the Cost for Attendees

One of the big reasons why people think twice about attending global events is the cost. It’s not only the air journey, there’s also the accommodation, taxis and additional travel time to factor in. The hybrid event eradicates all of that. Your event just got so much cheaper.

7. Marketing Material to Last

Your hybrid event will provide you with enough marketing material to last for months. You’ll have the whole event to chop up into marketing chunks and repurpose, or to use as a lure for the next event. And those sponsors? Once they see the potential, they’ll be even more open to the opportunity you’re offering.

Working With Red Occasions on Hybrid Event Production

We’re here to ensure your hybrid event is a success; we’ll support you from the ideas stage right through to the event conclusion. Our production support allows event hosts to focus on their participants, whilst we make sure they’re engaged, networking and participating effortlessly. We hire out production teams, project managers and all the tech gear you need for top quality production values.

Red Occasions offices, studios and warehouse are centrally located in Bedford near Milton Keynes. This makes them convenient to Luton, Watford, Cambridge, Bedfordshire, Northampton, Milton Keynes and Oxford, but we also travel much further on a regular basis including London, Nottingham and more.

Not sure how your event would look as a hybrid? Would you like to see a full demo so you can see how everything works? Get in touch with us to find out more about hybrids – 01234 430368