Elevate Equity 2023: A Hybrid Event by The Open University


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the concept of equity and inclusivity in the workplace is more important than ever. To address these critical issues, The Open University partnered with the Red Occasions team to deliver Elevate Equity 2023, a hybrid event that delved into topics surrounding recruitment, learning and development, and the powerful impact of equitable processes on business outcomes. This blog post takes you behind the scenes of this remarkable event and explores how it successfully combined the virtual and in-person worlds.


Building on Success

The Open University, renowned for its innovative Learning as a Benefit Campaign, sought to push the boundaries further by organizing Elevate Equity. The event was born from a vision to create a platform that would enable discussions and insights into achieving greater equity in the workplace.


Months of meticulous planning preceded Elevate Equity 2023, with a focus on optimizing the audio-visual experience to engage both the in-person and virtual audiences effectively.


Aesthetic Excellence

Elevate Equity marked a milestone for The Open University as it introduced its new B2B look and feel. It was imperative to create a visually appealing atmosphere. We collaborated closely during the pre-production phase, resulting in a powerful minimalist stage set that featured a custom-fabricated desk. This attention to detail created an environment conducive to meaningful discussions.


The Technical Magic

The success of a hybrid event hinges on the seamless integration of various technical aspects. Elevate Equity was no exception. From audio mixing for the in-person and online audiences to the effective incorporation of video content, the on-site technical team managed every variable to ensure an equitable experience for all participants.


In-depth collaboration prior to the event allowed the on-site team to execute interactive elements that engaged both local and remote audiences. This approach fostered high levels of engagement and provided valuable takeaways for everyone involved.


Capturing the Moment

While the event aimed to deliver impactful discussions, it also recognized the importance of capturing the experience. Photography and videography services were provided to document the event comprehensively. This content served as a valuable resource for marketing the event post-conclusion, sustaining interest long after the event ended.


The Result

Elevate Equity 2023, hosted by The Open University, exemplified the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing the pressing issue of workplace equity. Through meticulous planning, aesthetic excellence, technical proficiency, and content creation, the event succeeded in creating an inclusive and engaging experience for both in-person and virtual participants.


In an era where equity and inclusivity are paramount, Elevate Equity serves as an inspiring example of how organizations can come together to drive meaningful change and foster equitable workplaces. This hybrid event not only encouraged dialogue but also demonstrated that equity is a goal that can be achieved with dedication and strategic planning.


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