Roadshow Audio Visual Production

Let’s get your show on the road

You’ve decided to take your message to your audience. With the logistical challenges this poses and the opportunity potential it offers, you need an event company that is highly experienced in roadshow AV production. At Red Occasions, we can walk you through the possibilities and discuss the limitations of roadshows. We’ll plan, design and produce a mobile event with presence.

Full-service production or just a single service

We can take on every element of your roadshow event production, from the planning and development of your vision – to the staging, lighting, sound, draping, sets and audio-visual equipment.

Our experts have taken the biggest of brands out on the open road, creating experiences that spark conversations and leave a lasting impression. We’ll support you every step of the way!

Central to our success is the way that our team works alongside our clients in a friendly yet professional manner.

Timings, transport, technical considerations – tall tasks that require expert roadshow production knowledge

Any area of event production requires precise planning and organisation, but perhaps no more so than in the case of roadshow events. We can break it all down and simplify the process for you. You can feel reassured that you’re in safe hands.

We’re experienced in shaping smart, portable and safe AV solutions that don’t lose their impact, despite being on the road.

We understand the challenges of working with differing venues as part of a product tour and how restrictive roadshow working conditions can be. We will ensure consistency, efficiency and production delivered on budget. Get in touch to discuss your requirements. The Red Occasions team are ready to help you make your roadshow a hit.