Green-GO Beltpack X

Green-GO Wireless Beltpack X Hire

The Beltpack X is a fully featured Green-GO comms endpoint, acting as a 32 channel station, with quick access to 2, 3 or 4 channels. Powered by PoE, the device is light, flexible and easy to use.

Green-GO BPX beltpacks share most features with their WBPX wireless siblings, making switching between wired and wireless devices easy, with no need to learn additional operating procedures.

The tough, lightweight ABS case is weather resistant, making it suitable for sports and other outside events where light rain might be encountered. For frequent outdoor use, see the ‘Sports’ model described below.

A rear mounted belt clip provides a solid fixing to clothing.

To operate, BPX beltpacks require PoE (Power over Ethernet). A Neutrik EtherCON connector accepts either EtherCON or RJ45 connectors. EtherCON is recommended as it provides a solid fixing together with strain relief for the cable end.

BPX beltpacks offer 32 channel operation with instant access to 2, 3 or 4 intercom channels (via the four ‘On/Off’ buttons next to the Oled display). In common with other Green-GO user stations, they can store within memory any combination of up to 32 groups or users which can be swiftly assigned to any of the four instant access channels. The remaining 28 channels can be quickly accessed using the ‘extended channels’ function.

‘Programme’ audio level may be adjusted locally and can be set to dim or mute when intercom channels are active.

Four push buttons provide latching and non-latching microphone switching. The bright, multi-colour Oled display shows each channel’s status together with ‘Call Alerts’, ‘Cue’ prompts and other information. The brightness of the display may be adjusted to suit the environment.

Two dual-function rotary-encoder wheels, positioned on either side of the beltpack, allow easy operation by left and right handed users. Each encoder wheel can be programmed to offer main volume, side tone, or programme audio level.

For clearer monitoring, the audio level of each of the four intercom channels may be set locally to ensure each channel can be heard at a sensible level. Overall audio level can be adjusted to suit.

Basic beltpack information is displayed on the Oled screen when either of the encoder wheels is pulled upwards until it clicks. Lifting both wheels upwards accesses the menu for editing, where a wide range of options can be set. These include setting up to four instantly accessible intercom channels, channel assign, comprehensive audio settings, set ‘User’, and system configuration.

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