Green-GO Quad 4-Wire Interface

Green-GO Quad 4-Wire Interface Hire

The Quad Interface is a analogue 4-wire interface for Green-GO digital comms. Fitted with four XLR in and four XLR out, the unit can be used to capture program audio and presenter mics, and output in-ear feeds to headsets, enabling seamless communication between separate systems.

or optimum performance, each of the four balanced line inputs of the Q4WR interface offers level control, gain reduction and noise gating. For gain matching, level control is also available on each output.

The standard Green-GO sample rate of 16kHz provides an audio HF response of 7kHz which works well for speech reproduction. If an audio signal has significant HF content, like cymbals, the sample rate of individual ports can be doubled, resulting in an HF response of 14kHz, similar to broadcast quality.

Each pair of 4-wire ports can be individually programmed to operate in standard ‘Line In/Out’ mode or in ‘User’ mode which allows programme audio to be added to the audio output. The programme audio can be set to dim or mute when the show caller makes an announcement on that channel. This is eminently suitable for feeding presenter’s IEMs or for transmitting show relay to dressing rooms or the green room.

In addition to the 4-Wire ports, there are four GPIO general purpose inputs/outputs which each offer a pair of opening and closing contacts on a 9-pin D-Sub connector to trigger external devices or internal green-GO functions.

The large TFT colour display allows easy menu navigation during setup. The encoder (volume) knob facilitates scrolling through and selecting menu options.

  • Provides 4 pairs of analogue Input and Output ports, individually programmable.
  • Separate audio signals can be injected into and extracted from the Green-GO network.
  • Link to any 4-wire device including third party 4-wire intercom systems.
  • Input programme audio and show relay.
  • Feed audio to the PA, to show relay loudspeaker systems and to presenter’s IEMs.
  • Double the sample rate to suit audio sources with extended HF content.
  • Includes 4 GPIO general purpose In/Outs providing opening/closing contacts to trigger external devices.
  • TFT colour display offers easy menu navigation and setup.
  • The rotary knob acts as both a volume control and an encoder for programming.
  • Compact 1U format.

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