instagrid ONE max Portable Power Pack (2.1 kWh)


When you’re looking for green portable power, the instagrid 2.1 kWh max ONE is the perfect solution. We’ve just taken delivery of a number of these units, and they are now ready for hire.

With True1 & 13A outlets, they provide silent, weatherproof portable power whenever you need it.

We supply these units fully charged; the energy in our warehouse is supplied from our solar PV panels on the roof of our warehouse and renewable power from our energy supplier. Together, this provides for a power solution with no local emissions, and a sustainable power source for your event.

Perfect for small PA systems, powering remote outposts on site, powering site lighting and other applications – the uses are endless.

The 2.1kWh battery can produce a maximum output of 3600w at 230v. The length of runtime will depend on the load. The unit can be charged in under 3 hours, and the status indicator indicates remaining charge available.

At under 20KG, they are truly portable and can be deployed quickly and easily.


  • True, Portable Power – 230V / 3600W – Uncompromised Power in all Situations
  • Waterproof – IP54 – Suitable for all Conditions
  • Pure Sine – Power Quality Better than your Wall Socket
  • Lightweight – 20KG
  • High Peak Power – 18000W
  • Silent – No Disturbing Noises, No Active Cooling
  • Long Runtime – 2.1kWh
  • Overload Capability – Handles up to 2.5x / 9000 W overload
  • Sustainable Choise – No direct emissions, made with recycled aluminium and plastics

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