Interspace Industries PC Balance Box

Interspace Industries PC Bal Box DI Hire

The Interspace Industries PC Balance Box is the industry standard method of connecting laptops and mobile phones to a sound desk. The dip switches allow quick changes to the settings – stereo or mono, pad to reduce the volume by 20dB and earth lift to remove hums.

Being passive, it does not require phantom power or any other power source.

The Bal Box is bi directional.


  • 20Hz to 20Khz full audio bandwidth for a clean reproduction
  • Stereo/Mono Selection Switch
  • 20dB pad switch allows audio to be input on either line or mic connections
  • Earth (Ground) Isolation ensures that ground loops are easily defeated
  • Left/Right XLR output connectors are standard for live events audio
  • Compact size
  • No power required (passive) – always ready to go
  • Captive lead ensures easy connection every time

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