L’Acoustics Kara Rigging Kit (M-BUMP / M-BAR / ANGARMEX)

L'Acoustics Kara M-BUMP HIRE

Our L’Acoustics Kara Rigging Dolly Flightcase includes the following items to ensure safe flying and stacking of the Kara system.

  • 2 x M-BUMP
  • 2 x M-BAR
  • 4 x Kara-Angarmex
  • Associated Rigging Equipment

The L-ACOUSTICS® M-BUMP / M-BAR / ANGARMAX rigging structure has been designed to fly or stack the KARA enclosures as a variable- curvature, vertical line source array.

Note: M-BUMP also can fly or stack straight vertical SB18 arrays.

The M-BUMP is a square frame fitted with the following elements:

  • Four 5/16” R-BLP (round-shaped ball-locking pins) for KARA rigging.
  • Four rotating arms with 5/16” T-BLP (T-shaped ball-locking pins) for SB18 rigging.
  • One laser support plate with four bolts for optional TEQSAS® LAP-TEQ laser/inclinometer device mounting. The LAP-TEQ is part of the L-ACOUSTICS® TECH TOOLCASE
  • Two shackles fitted with 19 mm/0.75 inch-diameter bolts and safety pins.

Please note – consult sound vision before any installation.

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