L’Acoustics Kara

The L-Acoustics KARA is a compact line source system, part of the K Series that also feature KIVA, KARAi, K2 and K1, part of the new generation L’Acoustics products.

The L-Acoustics KARA is built with 2×8″ neodymium LF speakers in a tuned bass-reflex enclosure with 3″ neodymium diaphragm driver coupled to a DOSC waveguide for the HF section.

Any KARA line source can be curved up to a maximum of 10° for each element without breaking the inter-element acoustic coupling.

Extremely rider-friendly and scalable, clients; engineers and artists all love the clarity and flawless coverage.

At only 26kg per element and with no external rigging components, KARA is straight forward and quick to rig. All rigging drops out of the element, and all pins are integral.

6 enclosures can be driven in total per LA8 (3 per pair of channels), making the system very amplifier-efficient.

SB18 is the matching sub for KARA, which flies and stacks just as easily.

Supplied in L-Acoustics flight case (3 per case). We also stock Kara Rigging equipment.

We are also able to supply the L-Acoustics M-BUMP if required. We stock a range of LA8 and LA4X Amplifiers to drive these speakers.


  • 55 Hz – 20kHz (KARA preset)
  • Horizontal: 110° symmetric (Vertical: Dependant upon a number of elements and line source curvature)
  • 139 dB maximum SPL
  • 450W LF RMS power handling capacity
  • 80W HF RMS power handling capacity

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