Showven Sparkular

The Sparkular is the newest innovation available for hire in indoor pyrotechnics. The Sparkular fountain machine allows you to create stunning displays and chases that can be synchronised with music. The more machines you add, the more impressive your display can look. The Machines use sparkular powder which lasts 10-15 minutes and a controller which can control up to 18 machines adjusting the height and duration of the spark effect alongside giving you easy to use preset chases and the ability to create custom sequences.

The highlight of the Sparkular is that it is a non pyrotechnic fountain effect with total control, without any explosive content. One of its biggest safety features is that unlike a pyrotechnic effect like a gerb, you can turn the Sparkular off at any moment. Great for risk assessments!

The Sparkular can be controlled by a standard DMX desk and allows the designer to independently control the height, volume, timing & duration of each machine.

DMX ports allow for an easy set up and tear down process

Traditional spark effects burn at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and cannot be stopped once they have been started. The Sparkular machine output is so cool it will not even burn a piece of paper.

Flightcased in pairs.

Sparkular Powder is available at £60 for 1.5M – 3M granules.

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