Wireless Headset / Silent Disco Headsets (16 Pairs)

Our easy to use silent disco / wireless headsets offer a reliable high quality performance.

With ease of setup and operation – this system can be quickly deployed to create a conference or party.

This system operates on either one, two or three channels, the headphones will light in different colours to indicate the channel selection.

The concept of silent disco headsets is very simple, our great sounding wireless and rechargeable headsets offer up to 3 channels of audio sources. For each channel, we provide a wireless transmitter unit which when connected to an audio feed, simply transmits this to the headsets.

Our headsets are super easy to use and offer a graphical colour LED on the side to instantly and clearly show which of the 3 channels the headset is currently on.

Our headsets are fully-rechargeable (no batteries required) and work up to a range of 500m (clear line of sight). They sound great and offer a rich bass sound when required. Volume and channel selection is made simple with convenient buttons located on either side of the units.

This kit includes the following;-

  • 16 x Rechargable Headsets
  • 1 x 16 Way Charging Station

Perfect for:-

  • Fitness Classes
  • Garden Parties
  • Drive In Cinemas
  • Outdoor Cinemas
  • Festivals
  • Silent Discos
  • Conferences

You will require 1,2 or 3 transmitters to go with these kits; see here.

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