Yamaha DXR12 Powered Active Speaker

We have a large stock of the DXR12 speakers. It is an extremely high-power loudspeaker featuring a 12″ LF driver and 1.4″ HF driver producing a maximum SPL of 132dB with the impressive built in 1100W Class-D Amplifier.

The Yamaha DXR12 also features a convenient integrated 3-channel mixer and advanced smart linking function with stereo/mono option.

Front and rear pole-mounting is available as well rigging points for flying. With its trapezoidal shape the DXR12 makes an excellent stage monitor as well.

The DXR12 can be enhanced with the Yamaha DXS12 Subwoofer for more bass response.


  • 12″ 2-way, Bi-amp powered speaker, Bass-reflex type
  • Frequency Range: 57Hz – 20kHz
  • Maximum Output: 129dB SPL
  • Class-D Amplifiers deliver 1100W of dynamic power
  • 52Hz to 20kHz frequency range
  • Sophisticated “D-CONTOUR” multi-band dynamic processor
  • FIR-X Digital Crossover Filtering
  • DSP controlled protection throughout the signal chain
  • Intelligent on-board 3-channel mixer
  • Smart linking function with stereo/mono option
  • Flight-cased in pairs


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