How Can the Right AV Equipment Elevate Your Product Launch?

Launching a new product or promoting a new service is an exciting time. However, there’s also a lot of pressure for your product to land well so that sales are strong right off the bat. In order to have a powerful product launch, the audio-visual equipment will be fundamental to the success of the day. Why? Well without it, your audience will not be able to hear the speaker nor see the presentation. The AV can create just the right atmosphere for a hard-hitting product launch. Sound, lighting and visuals are powerful tools that can evoke emotions, affect the mood and create an ambience.

A properly organised and executed AV arrangement will help to improve the perceived quality of the product and brand. Think about it. If the sound, light or visual quality is poor at your product launch, attendees are going to doubt the quality of your business. In order to get your audio visual arrangement right, you need a professional AV team to help you. They will know how to select and set up the right kit for your event. They’ll ensure that everything is chosen to both complement and elevate your product.

If you need to hire audio visual equipment in Milton Keynes or the surrounding regions, Red Occasions can help. We provide a whole host of AV equipment hire and event production. We can bring your vision for your product launch to life. We also offer additional services that you may require, such as staging hire in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford and beyond.


What AV equipment will you need for your product launch?

Setting up a product launch is complex and best left in the hands of experts. With the right kit, enhanced sounds and slick visuals, you can elevate your event to the next level. So, in what ways will the AV give your event a boost?


Play to emotions

You can create a powerful atmosphere by perfecting the lighting and sound. The most effective product launches are ones that evoke emotion from the audience. The sound and lighting of an event can help to build up anticipation and excitement. Music can also be powerful for presentations; stirring up feelings and building hype.


Striking sound

Clear, crisp sound is essential so that your audience can hear all about your wonderful new product. If there are any sound issues, you’ll lose the audience’s attention which is a recipe for disaster. As mentioned, well-chosen music is an impactful way to build excitement and pump up the attendees.


Lighting the way

Appropriate lighting is vital for the success of the product and making sure it’s the focal point of the event. You might want a spotlight to shine on your product, lasers or moving-head lighting to stir up the crowd or branded gobos to promote your company. Professional lighting will showcase your product in its best light – literally!


Filming the event

In order to reach a wider audience, you may want to livestream the event. A professional AV team can film the product launch to livestream publicly or to private invites only. By filming the event, you’ll have a bank of content that you can then use for clips on social media down the line. You can also send the whole event to those unable to attend on the day.


Vital visuals

Strong visuals will help your attendees to connect to the brand and message. An LED screen, flat screen or video wall will draw in your audience. Imagine your product up on that extra-large screen! An expert AV team will be able to provide an impressive set-up to showcase your content and get your message across.


Stunning stages, sets and podiums

An AV team can work with you to create a bespoke stage set and distinctive design for the day. Your speaker will need a podium, so all eyes are on them during the big reveal. If you require staging hire in Milton Keynes and the surrounding regions, Red Occasions can assist. Get in touch to discuss how we can design the perfect stage for your event.


Don’t do it all alone – hire AV experts

For a polished product launch, hire an AV expert. They will create an experience for the audience and ensure that it is executed in a slick and unforgettable way. Red Occasions can make a memorable impression. Our dedicated team provide audio visual equipment in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton, Cambridge and surrounding towns and cities.