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Having worked with higher education institutions for over a decade, we understand how important it is to create a memorable graduation day. If you want to offer your students the choice of attending their graduation both in-person or remotely, Red Occasions can help. We can set up live streaming for students from overseas that have returned home and are unable to travel back to attend their graduation in person. Hybrid graduations also allow family and friends that live far afield to attend virtually and celebrate the big day, no matter where they’re located.

Graduation Live Streaming – So No One Misses Out

We can make graduation truly memorable, whether your students are attending in person or live streaming the event from home. Live streaming (broadcasting the graduation over the internet) allows students who cannot attend in person to celebrate as if they were there. Our friendly and professional team will be there to support you through any technical issues, every step of the way.

Why Provide a Hybrid Graduation Celebration

Many universities have transitioned from fully in-person graduations to a flexible hybrid celebration. This allows everyone to watch online and celebrate wherever they are in the world. It’s ideal for those who are still not comfortable attending in person. The organiser can invite guest speakers from any corner of the globe to talk to the attendees virtually. A hybrid event can reach more people. It also allows the graduates to invite more of their loved ones to attend. Whilst there may only be capacity for 2 or 3 of their family or friends to attend in person, virtually there is no limit. This opens up the event to everyone, no matter their circumstances.

We’re here to help. Call our friendly team today to discuss your upcoming ceremony. We can support you and find the best solution for your graduation.

We understand that graduations represent a culmination of years of hard work for the students and the importance for the institution. This is the highlight of the year and it is important to emphasise the significance of the achievement, and also ensure the key messaging, mission and ethos of the university are delivered to students, alumni, parents and other stakeholders.

We’ve come up with a range of solutions based on our years of experience working on University events. We’ve turned our expertise to hybrid graduations and live streaming, and come up with a range of options to support you. We’ve got the expertise, the skills, the people, and the equipment to live stream your graduation.

Initially, when the pandemic hit, we worked with our long-standing clients to quickly deliver virtual graduations online. We’ve since developed a playbook to provide successful hybrid graduation ceremonies that are engaging, creative, impactful and easy to deliver. We’ve invested in our studio offerings, and can now support multiple universities simultaneously, giving you peace of mind from a trusted, long-established AV production company.

Working with you, we can create a solution that fits your needs; whether that be organising some pre-recorded filming, a hybrid solution or something completely bespoke.

Some of our valued clients…



Finally, we’ve saved the best till last.
Introducing your very own Graduation Platform… taking the magic of the day online.

Our partner platform Graduations.LIVE allows graduates and staff to connect one final time through the engaging content creation activities featured on site. Graduations.LIVE is able to produce a fully designed graduation platform, fitting your brand guidelines and featuring your logos throughout the platform and in all content produced. Focusing on poignant moments of students’ graduation days, Graduations.LIVE digitally re-creates the ceremony, class photo, celebration mortarboard throw and yearbook landmarks that remind students of their achievements for years to come. 


Some of the highlights include…

  • Class Photo – Students submit photos of themselves that are then curated with the rest of their graduating class in front of the main building.
  • Alumni Centre – After answering 3 memorable questions from the participating organisations, students will connect their LinkedIn accounts to become part of the ‘live’ class yearbook. This will be available to download.
  • Grad Clip – A branded shareable video that uses student information and collates images to create a video memory of their journey.
  • Graduation Store – The store will be open for students to purchase official graduation dress and organisation memorabilia to be delivered to their chosen address.
  • Celebration Video – Self-recorded videos of students throwing their mortarboards in the air can be combined into a tiled format, ready to share online.
  • Wall of Fame – Make sure every student has a chance to be recognised for their hard work with their entry on the Wall of Fame. This will show their achievement to every viewer.
  • Live Chat – An opportunity for students and tutors to engage with each other during the ceremony, say congratulations and revel in the fond memories of their time studying.
  • Photo Mosaic – As students submit photos of themselves in graduation attire, their photo is added to a grid that slowly reveals a larger hero image e.g. a University landmark.
  • Full Analytics – Get the full picture of how students are interacting with the platform and how many times they tried to get that perfect class photo picture!

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