Virtual Event Services

Virtual Event Services

How Virtual Event Services Improve Online Experiences

Remember at the beginning of the first lockdown when your 2020 diary became redundant, as one event after another got cancelled? The events industry was turned upside-down at that moment, and had to make massive adaptations to the new world. The team at Red Occasions pivoted to the virtual pretty quickly. We opened a new studio dedicated to virtual events, and grew the team.

Fast forward 9 months and virtual event services have become a huge part of what we do. Will the virtual trend disappear with the end of lockdown? 71% of marketers don’t think so. Many of our clients are discovering new and creative ways to do business and engage with their audiences online. And nobody’s complaining about the lost hours of travel that any big event used to entail!

What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are all about getting people together. They prioritise talking, experiencing and doing business in a shared space. Virtual get-togethers can be massive or intimate, branded or informal – what connects all of them is that they take place online. At Red Occasions we started out by explaining to clients how we could replicate in-person events. Now we’re confident that our virtual events create a new kind of in-person experience.

Virtual Event Services For a Range of Formats

Once a new technology is adopted, there’s usually a wave of creativity around its usage. That’s what we’re seeing with the virtual event right now. Our job of the Red Occasions team is to ensure that whatever the in-person encounter you’re planning, the experience will be characterised by specialist project management and excellent production values.

Virtual events are all about making connections between people. Good communications occur when:

  • Sound quality is uniformly crisp and clear
  • Media is flawless and fully integrated, from animations to PowerPoint to graphics
  • Multi-Person discussion is achieved effortlessly and without glitches
  • Branding is expertly re-produced and fully integrated
  • Access can be password protected or free to all
  • The experience is equally fantastic, whether you’re on a mobile or a PC
  • Events can be live, or pre-recorded, or a mixture of both for their audience

How Do We Do It?

The virtual event is at its very best when participants feel like they’re actually present, with a group of other people, experiencing the same thing. That’s what makes it special. That’s the goal of the Red Occasions team for every virtual experience we manage.

Our event team is made up of producers, project managers and technicians who all have their part to play in creating your virtual conference, webinar, graduation ceremony or awards presentation. Every presenter is on-boarded and coached. The content is meticulously rehearsed. And the technicals are rigorously tested. Everything needs to be perfect, every time.

Would You Like to Plan Your Virtual Event With Us?

If virtual events are still a bit of a blur for you, don’t worry. Most of our clients feel that way in the beginning. They start to get excited about the event once they hear about the range of virtual events services the Red Occasions team can offer. Then we can start to consider the potential for the event, together.

We can give you a full demo and take you through how our virtual event services work. Just give us a call, or message the team explaining what you want to achieve – 01234 430 368