A Closer Look at the Astera Titan Tube

A creative person’s dream, the Astera Titan Tube will elevate your event to the next level. These wireless LED batons can be individually coloured or programmed to produce a variety of effects. The colour can be applied to individual pixels or the tube as a whole. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Astera is clever enough to create a complex and customised light show. They can be both mounted and held. Not just a lighting solution for your event, this fantastic bit of kit is also widely used by filmmakers.


What is the Astera Titan Tube used for?

  • Lighting events
  • Decorating events
  • TV studios
  • Filmmakers
  • Photography studios


In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the Astera Titan Tube to find out more about its huge capabilities and why it could be the answer to your event decoration or filming needs. If you’re looking for lighting hire in Northampton, Bedford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and beyond, Red Occasions can help. For Astera hire, we have a large stock of Astera Titan Tubes to make your event wow. Take a read of what it can do for you.


  • Concerts

Bring a live performance to life. Set the tubes to the back wall as a light source, hang them from the ceilings or use them to light the vocalists. The options are endless. The Astera Titan can be cued to music. You could set them to a fast-strobing light effect in vibrant neon colours for those up-tempo numbers or subtle pastel tones to harmonise with ballads.


  • TV/films

The versatility of the Astera Titan makes them ideal for filmmaking. Use them as an accent light or as a design element. Lightweight, you can hold them directly under, above or to the side of the camera lens to get a light infiltration at any colour you wish. They’re great for substituting for fluorescents and their shape makes them easy to hide behind doorways to light your scene. If you need special effects, the Astera Titan can step in. The light can mimic the look of passing cars, make it look like the actor is watching TV or even impersonate the Northern Lights, to name but a few examples!


  • Music videos

You’ll see the Titan already in numerous music videos. And it’s easy to see why! They allow you to exercise creative expression. They can be set up as a backdrop to your singer or band, creating a visually exciting environment. The vibrancy of the colours and luminous intensity makes them the perfect music video tool.


  • Photography

The 120-degree beam of light from the Titan is ideal for creating a soft direct light on your subject. You could clip them above the camera to create a portrait set-up, as the lights have a soft diffusion so you won’t get any horrible highlights or shiny areas on the face. This is one tool that photographers can really play with to create some impressive shots.


  • Event lighting

If you’re looking to impress your event attendees, the Titan could be the answer. As well as concerts, they’re ideal for product launches. Show your new product in its best light with this incredible device. Set up an attention-grabbing light display on the background, so all eyes are on your new product. You could even encase your product in a parameter of the tubes. Liven up a stuffy conference or create an exciting award or fashion show. What’s more, the tubes can even double as emergency lights. They can detect power loss and instantly switch on to bright white light to illuminate a venue and allow your guests to safely vacate the premises.


Now we’ve highlighted some of the ways you can use this impressive device, let’s get right into its specifications.


Control options

The beauty of the Astera Titan Tube is that it can be controlled on the go via the AsteraApp, with wired or wireless DMX. You can control one light or several lights at once.


  • App control: Download the AsteraApp to control the lighting set-up, at both the preparation and monitoring stages.
  • Wireless DMX: The lights contain a wireless DMX module by LumenRadio. This allows them to be controlled by CRMX and W-DMX transmitters.
  • Wired DMX: You can connect power and DMX, Artner or sACN to an Astera PowerBox.
  • On the light itself: the control panel allows you to control your light’s brightness and colour.



Mounting options

As well as being handheld, you can mount the tubes in various ways:

  • TubeStand: mount the tubes on their tripods to stand up vertically.
  • TubeHolder: connect the BabyPin to the backside thread to insert it into Super Clamps and Gobo Heads.
  • EyeBolt: use the loop to attach to ceilings and riggings above.
  • WingPlate: this mounting plate attaches a single tube so you can create a line, triangle or square design with several tubes.
  • CrossPlate: Attach 4 tubes for a panel effect.


Built-in battery

The powerful built-in LG Chem Li-ion battery offers a maximum of 20 hours of runtime on a 3-hour charge. They can be set to a specific time to ensure your lights won’t run out of charge during your event. This will limit the light’s output to a level where you get the maximum brightness for your desired run time.



You can program the colours and effects. Change the speed, change to fade, change the brightness or even match to the beat of the music. They offer a full-colour range where you can dial in any hue you want. They have an impressive CRI/TLCI rating of 96/96, indicating high accuracy in the rendition of colour. They use RGB, mint and amber LEDs as well as hue, saturation and intensity control to access millions of custom colours.


Weather resistant

With an IP rating of IP65, these waterproof lights can be used outdoors for video shoots or festivals. You can even get special cases that allow you to fully submerge them in water!



Dimensions: 042mm x 1035mm (40.7-inch-long tube)

LED Engine: Titan LED Engine (RGBMintAmber)

Pixel: 16

Total LED Power: 72 W

IP rating: IP65



It’s no surprise that the Titan Tube has won awards for being a lighting innovation. It can not only add visually striking decoration to events but is a TV, film and music video creator’s must-have. If you’re looking to rent the Astera Titan Tube, Red Occasions have a large stock, contact us for all your Astera hire needs. As a professional audio visual company, we can assist with event production and lighting hire in Northampton, Bedford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and beyond. Contact us to discuss your needs.