Red Occasions Powers PGMOL's Ambitious Pre-Season Training Event Series


At Red Occasions, we take pride in turning ambitious event ideas into reality. This year, we had the privilege of supporting the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMOL) with their Pre-Season Technical Regional Training event series, spanning London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Newcastle. Building on the success of our partnership in their annual conference last year, we collaborated to expand their event reach and offer a more intimate and efficient experience for their organization across the UK.


Streamlining Events Across the UK

The expansion from a single event to four regional training sessions allowed PGMOL to reduce travel times for their match officials while maximizing the quality of face-to-face interactions. This strategic shift enabled a more personalized approach to training, fostering deeper connections and optimizing individual engagement.


Our Approach

Our involvement began with meticulous pre-production planning, including site visits to each venue and the creation of 2D and 3D CAD drawings for precise planning and design. We worked closely with internal event managers and each venue to ensure seamless execution on the day, with consistent and impactful artwork design implemented across a range of deliverables for each event.


Efficient Project Management

Efficiency was paramount, and extensive project management ensured the optimal utilization of logistics, labour, and equipment. Our team focused on delivering everything on time, to the highest standards, and within budget.


Adaptability Across Venues

Each venue posed unique challenges and opportunities, requiring our team to adapt continually to a variety of requirements while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout the event series. Our goal was to provide a consistent and exceptional experience for all attendees.


Audio Excellence

Adapting to varying space layouts and sizes, we meticulously planned and implemented L’Acoustics PA systems to ensure clear and impactful audio for all attendees. Every word spoken was heard loud and clear, enhancing the overall learning experience.


Video Versatility

To cater to different audience sizes while optimizing space, we utilized Panasonic 12k Projectors with Ultra Short Throw lenses. This approach allowed us to communicate effectively without compromising on space, ensuring maximum capacity for each venue.


Lighting Mastery

From diverse ceiling heights to pre-existing rigging infrastructure, our lighting experts rose to the challenge, creating visually stunning conference spaces that set the right atmosphere from the moment attendees arrived.


Versatile Venue Setups

Each venue featured a primary plenary space, complemented by varying numbers of breakout rooms. Aintree, in particular, required a unique approach, as we had to adapt our setup to effectively serve both the main plenary space and split the room into independent breakout rooms.


The Result

Red Occasions takes pride in collaborating with organizations like PGMOL to bring their ambitious event visions to life. Our meticulous planning, project management, and adaptability ensured that each venue presented unique opportunities for success. From audio clarity to versatile video solutions and impeccable lighting, we left no detail unattended. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional events that exceed expectations, no matter the challenges or scale.