Live Streaming, Virtual Events and Hybrid Events

Immersed, engaged, surrounded by sound. Wherever your audience is in the world.

The Digital Now

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a sudden need for remote events. We supported many companies taking events online during this time to avoid technical glitches such as buffering, poor sound quality and endless other issues. This move to more digital events has provided companies with a chance to reach target markets they hadn’t thought of before. It’s given them revenue streams and more efficient ways of serving customers, training employees, and briefing teams.

As a production company, we’re always excited by the promise and potential of virtual events. With staff relocating, the closing down of office space and the opportunities that these events have opened up, virtual and hybrid events remain an important part of business. Allow our friendly and expert team to help you with all your virtual event needs.

Virtual Events that Glue Them to their Seats

We produce both live events and those that are pre-recorded ahead of time. Whatever the format, virtual event production should still deliver crisp sound quality and allow you to switch and flip from PowerPoint to animations, to video, graphics and mixed media. It should make things like multi-presenter events and virtual panel discussions easy. Whatever the event, it should always be produced in a way that drives your chosen message home to your audience. We are here to support you and make your virtual event a success.

Whether on PC or mobile, password protected or freely accessible, a simple webinar or a conference complete with virtual break-out rooms, virtual events are about connecting people. Our virtual events make audiences feel as though they’re there, sitting right in front of your presenters.

Live Stream in Real-Time

Live events are the clear choice for audience engagement. They allow presenters to interact with their audience with moderated questions, polling, multiple-choice questions, word clouds and quizzes, all using seamlessly integrated software.

Impressive tech aside, it’s fair to say that live streaming comes with many challenges. The most significant of which is the lack of control over your audience, their environment and the hardware they’ll use to view your event. These elements must be carefully considered if your live stream is to be enjoyed by all. This hurdle is followed closely by the challenge of working with the presenter’s connection, camera, lighting, microphone and acoustics – a challenge that is multiplied by the more presenters that are involved.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we’ve encountered every problem and predicted every glitch. We thoroughly prep presenters and get to know all about the technology that both they and their audience will use. We do a practice run (or three), and we set up talk back to communicate discreetly with presenters in real-time should problems arise. You can rely on us. We’ve thought of it all to make sure your  live virtual events run without a hitch.

Pre-Recorded and Polished

For pre-recorded virtual events we can provide guidance on everything from lighting and background (whether that be a virtual background, or in a studio) to scripting and content. We’ll then take however many separate files you’ve created and edit them all into a single, super-smooth production.

If you go live we always make it easy to record the event so it can be digitally filed away or made available for anyone who missed it the first time around.

What Red Occasions can offer for your virtual event:


Virtual Event Production

  • Unlimited locations for presenters and audience members
  • Provision of slick sets and backdrops (or advice for streaming from your living room)
  • Panel discussions
  • Group presentations
  • Interactive software for Q&A, polling and multiple-choice audience questioning
  • Virtual breakout rooms
  • Seamless integration with PowerPoint, as well as other media and content
  • Presenter rehearsals

Digital Swag Bag – A digital gift bag that companies send to their event attendees

  • For pre-event engagement
  • Digital delegate swag bag
  • Completely customisable packages
  • Bespoke audience kits – could include speaker bios and event agendas
  • Custom apps for your conference or briefing

Audience Engagement

  • Voting
  • Q&A panel discussions
  • Clocks and timers
  • Post-event audience feedback

Production for Every Type of Virtual Event
Meetings | Conferences | On-boarding | Group Interviews | Webinars | Virtual Townhall Meetings | Virtual Panel discussions

Bespoke Virtual Events – Packages Built Around Your Brief
Live or Pre-recorded | For Mobile and PC | Password protection | Audience interaction options | Smooth graphics

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