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Engaging, immersive and creative online events

The world has switched on to virtual events since the pandemic, and in response, we’ve enhanced our capability to support a huge number of virtual events. We’ve added virtual event live streaming studios to our facilities, and increased the team dedicated to delivering online events.

We’ve supported many clients, old and new, to take events online. Whether that be a town hall meeting, medical forum, virtual graduation, corporate financial update or an awards ceremony.

For many, virtual events were a stop-gap while the world went into lockdown. However, for some, virtual events were something of an eye-opener. They provided a chance to reach target markets they hadn’t thought of before. New ways to demo products and services. Possibilities of new revenue streams. More efficient ways of serving customers, training employees, and briefing teams. And as a result of all these benefits, virtual events are something that businesses want to continue with.

As an event production company, we’re always excited by the potential of virtual events. It gives us a chance to really utilise all our creative and technical expertise.

Virtual Events That Glue Them to Their Seats

We produce both events that are live and those that are pre-recorded ahead of time. We make sure our virtual events deliver crisp sound quality – ensuring that everyone is heard. You should be able to use any and all media, easily switching from PowerPoint to animations, to video, graphics and mixed media. It should make multi-presenter events, like virtual panel discussions, easy. And whatever the event, it should always be produced in a way that drives your chosen message home to your audience.

Whether on PC or mobile, password protected or freely accessible, a simple webinar or a conference complete with virtual break-out rooms, virtual events are all about connecting people.

We’ve worked with a huge number of platforms; everything from making simple Zoom or Teams calls come to life, right up to fully embedded event platforms (fully branded of course). We’ve worked on a huge variety of events and we’re ready to take on your next event no matter how challenging.

With the use of branded backdrops, multiple live presenters, graphics; VTs, titling and social media integration, we always deliver impressive virtual events. It will not be just another Teams or Zoom call!

Behind every virtual event, we have a supportive team of producers, technicians and project managers to ensure the event goes smoothly. We onboard and coach every presenter, content is checked and rehearsals scheduled – to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Like a Demo?

We understand virtual events can be a minefield – so we’re here to help. We can give you a full demo and take you through how everything operates. We’ll take you through it all step-by-step, so you can feel assured your virtual event will go without a hitch. Not sure how your event will work virtually? We can help turn your ideas into reality. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and set up a demo.

Ready to talk?

Let’s begin with your message and objective, and we’ll go from there. Tell us about your vision, and we’ll explain how we can help.

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