Audio Visual Hire Cambridge

Audio Visual Hire Cambridge

Top Quality Audio Visual Hire For Your Cambridge Event

Logistics are important when it comes to planning an event. But what attendees take away at the end of the conference, music festival or graduation, is how it made them feel. That’s where Red Occasions comes into its own. We add the theatrical seasoning to events that makes them zing! Our lighting, sound and video tech turns events into experiences that feel unique and memorable.

AV Equipment Hire For Events Large and Small

We love the work we do at Red Occasions, because every audio visual hire in Cambridge is unique. Whether it’s a gala dinner for 200 guests, a small private party, or a fashion show, a professionally lit space and crystal clear sound will transform the occasion into a moment to be treasured.

AV Hire Company for Cambridge Shire

Because we know that the quality of your AV equipment can make or break an event, we leave nothing to chance. Which is why we have a massive warehouse packed full of high-quality AV items. Each one is immaculately maintained, regularly PAT tested, safety certified and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

  • Professional Lighting. The lighting at an event can make you feel like a Hollywood star, or remind you that you’re not. The Red Occasions team can create a lighting rig from scratch, transforming even the most featureless room into an amazing space for an event.
  • Sound Perfection. Sound makes a good band sound great, and ensures that every speech is heard clearly. We deliver crystal clear sound for your event, whether you’re planning for thousands or an intimate family gathering.
  • Projecting Your Brand. Corporate events are all about the brand, and Red Occasions can help to ensure it’s visible and looking great. We hire out a range of visual tech from desktop compact projectors to huge screens for exhibitions halls.
  • LED Video Wall. If your event needs a WOW factor, this piece of tech is what you need. Forget projector technology, the LED video wall delivers fluid motion in rich and lustrous colours.


Easy Audio Visual Hire in Cambridge

Everyone should have the opportunity to create a stunning event experience for their guests. Which is why the Red Occasions team is committed to making AV equipment from the top brands available whatever the budget you’re working with. We have a 3 tier hire service:

  1. Basic/Dry Hire. Use our AV catalogue to choose the equipment you need for your event. We’re happy to advise if you need help. You pick up the items and return them when you’re done.
  2. Assisted Dry Hire. Find the items you want to hire from our extensive catalogue. We’ll deliver them to your venue, and collect them after the event.
  3. Production Basis. Once you’ve chosen your equipment, we deliver it, install it in your venue, operate it for you, and dismantle it at the end of the event. Perfect peace of mind, and a great experience for your guests.

Working With Red Occasions AV Hire

Planning an event in Cambridge? Why not make Red Occasions a part of your planning process? Just tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll turn your ideas into a stunning event We’re passionate about great tech, so the team is always happy to provide advice, guidance, or a demo of any of our AV items from our warehouse.

Looking for audio visual hire in Cambridge? Call Red Occasion today on 01234 430368