AnalogWay Pulse 2 PLS350-3G Switcher & Preview Rack

This ready to go video rack allows you full seamless control of content at an event. Our rack is supplied with the industry leading Analog Way Pulse 2 seamless switcher, as well as dual Blackmagic Preview Screens.

The Pulse 2 PLS350-3G Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher from Analog Way is a versatile, high-quality A/V presentation mixer/switcher that offers up to 8 inputs and can display up to two live sources.

Compatible signals include DVI-D, HDMI, Universial Analog, 3G/HD/SD-SDI all via 14 input sockets.

The PLS350-3G two frame layers offer background and foreground positions. With new quick frame functions, a foreground frame can quickly hide all other layers when necessary.

Custom output management gives a good fit for any display resolution, including LED walls and other non-standard formats.

The PLS350-3G can be operated from the front control pannel aswell as a laptop when combined with the user-friendly RCS2 intuitive Remote Control Software designed for the new Midra platform.

The RCS software allows easy creation of presets through drag and drop, up to 64 stored presets, Setup cloning and 3 independent sections: Setup, Edit and Live.


  • 8 Seamless inputs
  • 2 Outputs (Program and Preview)
  • 14 input plugs avalible (4x DVI-D, 4x HDMI, 4x Universial Analog & 2x 3G/HD/SD-SDI)
  • Layer: Pan & Zoom resizing up to 100%
  • Audio Top layer mode
  • All audio inputs can be embedded or de-embedded on all plugs
  • Blanced stereo audio on all outputs
  • 2 S/PDIF inputs and 2 S/PDIF Outputs
  • Chroma/Luma Key Titling
  • 8 Memory Presets per output (64 via RCS2)
  • 8 Full Frames
  • 8 Logo Memories
  • 1 Animated Logo

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