Catchbox Pro – Throwable Microphone

The Catchbox is the first throwable microphone designed to engage your audiences, and make your events fun.

It is far quicker to throw the Catchbox across the room than waiting for a microphone runner to squeeze down an aisle. The soft exterior protects both the microphone and the audience, no matter how bad the throw.

Presenters simply throw the microphone into the audience, this microphone is perfect for the waking up the audience in the afternoon Q&A sessions!

We stock these in nine colours including Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Grey, White, Purple, Pink and more!

Catchbox Mics can be hired alone; we can ship them for £20/each way via overnight insured shipping, and deliver/collect a few days either side of your event.

Please note: Catchbox Pro comes with a 3.5mm jack inside. We recommend this is used with Sennheiser beltpacks such as our Sennheiser EW300 G3 SK300 beltpacks available in our Single Sennheiser and 4 Way Sennheiser kits.



We are an authorised partner of the Catchbox for Sales and Rental in the UK. We can help you with any short to long term rentals as well as sales along with any customisations.

Two variants exist; the Catchbox Pro and Catchbox Lite.

Designed for small conferences, workshops, and lectures with up to 100 people; the Catchbox Lite is a complete wireless microphone system that works globally without a license. With its inbuilt frequency hopping and digital signal, the device will not interfere with other wireless microphones and does not require active frequency management from the user. Simply turn it on, it’s that simple.

For larger events, the Catchbox Pro is a module that allows professionals to convert their existing beltpack transmitters into throwable microphones. No need to buy new transmitters and receivers or change existing integrated systems, simply connect your existing beltpack into the Catchbox Pro.

Give us a call for a competitive quote on a Catchbox, we can also advise about which version you require.

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