Chauvet Net-X II Ethernet – DMX Converter

Chauvet Net-X 2 Art Net DMX Hire

The Chauvet Net-X II is a multi function, multi protocol lighting controller.

Its many features include:

  • Converting Ethernet protocols (artnet, sACN) to DMX.
  • Merging control information from 2 data sources.
  • Distributing DMX to multiple chains of lights.
  • Playing back pre recorded lighting scenes


  • Power Input: Neutrik powerCON
  • Device Data Inputs: Neutrik® etherCON® (1 total) and 5-pin XLR (2 total)
  • Device Data Outputs: 5-pin XLR (8 total)
  • Device Date Throughputs: Neutrik® etherCON® (1 total)
  • Control Protocol: Art-Net, DMX, sACN
  • Merge Support: Yes
  • Protocol Merging: (2) Art-net consoles, (2) DMX consoles, (2) sACN consoles


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