LED Ice Bucket

Our LED 4 lip ice buckets are a great accessory to any event, and compliment our LED Bar superbly and the ideal accessory for your other LED furniture. We often use them as table centres, around venues on their own, or to enhance seating areas and around bars.

Our Ice Buckets also look great in combination with our LED Poseur Tables.

The Ice Buckets are made using a single plastic mould, and thus are fully waterproof, they are robust and are firm, but allow light to illuminate the entire Ice Bucket.

Our Ice Buckets are battery powered, and have a battery life of 9-12 hours – ensuring no unsightly cables.

We often use our LED Ice Buckets in combination with other LED Furniture Hire, creating stunning effects at events. They are fully waterproof, and so can be used indoors and outdoors as well as filling them with ice.

Ice Buckets are controlled by a handheld remote and you can choose any one of 16 colours, as well as a range of fades, chases and other effects.

We often hire the LED Furniture as part of a larger event solution or to venues on short and long term hires.

For more information about our LED Ice Buckets,’see our guide to LED Furniture.

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