How Can AV Transform Your Event?

You’ve booked a venue for your upcoming event. Is it in need of a little (or a lot) of oomph? Quite often these venue spaces can be quite lacklustre. This blog will take you through how, with the right audio-visual equipment, you can take your uninspiring venue from bland to grand!

If you want to impress your audience, there are some great AV tricks that can provide mesmerising results. If you’re looking for audio-visual equipment hire, Red Occasions can help. With our creative use of technology, we can bring any venue to life.

How will AV enhance your event?

Don’t underestimate the effect of AV. No one wants to sit in a poorly lit venue struggling to see or hear the presenters or performers on stage. The right lighting, sound, video and technology are crucial for ensuring your event is well received. Here are some of the ways AV can boost your event:

  • Helps the audience connect to the message.
  • Grabs your audience’s attention and retains it.
  • Keeps your audience stimulated.
  • Gives your presentation structure and makes it easier to follow.
  • Helps to deliver complicated and confusing messages with visual representations.
  • Encourages audience participation.
  • Creates an ambience.
  • Leaves a lasting impression.


Lighting is the master of makeover. It can instantly revamp a venue space, adding character and captivating the audience. There’s so much you can do with clever lighting tricks. Control the mood by using bright colours to energise or dimmed lights to mellow the setting. You can create dazzling designs on the ceiling or walls with gobos (stencilled circular discs that create projected images or patterns) or dramatic lighting with lasers. Light can also highlight or hide areas of the room. It’s these types of small details that can really wow. If you require lighting hire in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Bedford and beyond, Red Occasions have everything you need to create an impactful event.

Amped Up Sound

The sound system is a vital part of your event. Crisp sound will improve the interaction between the audience and the presenter. Good use of sound will prompt the audience to listen, grabbing their attention and retaining it. It can tell a story, conjure up feelings or set the mood. If you want to energise the audience, sound can add an element of excitement. If you choose the right music, you can set the tone and create anticipation. Attendees and performers demand clear, crisp sound. If there’s any failure in the sound quality, it’s something everyone will remember about your event. If you’re not very techy, it may be important to have a tech person on-site to resolve any issues. Consider using an AV event production company like Red Occasions.

Vibrant Visuals

Visual representations help to drive your message home, keep your audience stimulated and encourage participation. People tend to lose interest if there are no visual aids. You could also project your brand or sponsors’ logos onto walls, making visuals a great promotional tool too.

  • Additional Screens

If the venue is big, consider using extra repeater screens to ensure that all attendees have a clear vision of the speakers or performers. They’re great for playing videos or presenting imagery during downtimes.

  • LED Walls

Create a stunning viewing experience with an LED wall. With fluid motion and rich colours, this clever bit of AV kit is a game-changer for events. It will make your brand and content stand out.

  • Digital Signage

Providing a professional look, digital signage is great for navigating conferences or exhibitions. It has the added benefit of being flexible to change.

Engaging Interactive Activities

AV can add an element of entertainment to your event through fun interactive activities. Maybe you want to add a live poll, a quiz or a Q&A session? All these appealing activities offer a sure-fire way to increase audience engagement.

First-Rate Live Streaming

Live streaming is perfect for increasing your audience numbers or inviting people from all over the globe. The event can be recorded and then snippets can be used for social media or the whole thing can be watched back at a later date.

So, as you see, AV makes a significant difference to your event. If you require AV services, sound and audio hire or lighting hire in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Bedford and beyond, give Red Occasions a call. We’re ready to help you make your next event a triumph.