How To Choose An AV Specialist

If you’re planning an event, you may be looking to hire an AV specialist to deal with all the technical aspects. You could do it yourself, but a professional reduces the workload and the worry. Sometimes DIY just isn’t appropriate. Especially if the event is on a larger scale.

Audio visual kit is extensive and complex. You need a lot of expertise to understand how to work the kit efficiently and correctly. A professional AV company know the equipment thoroughly and can make recommendations on what will work best for your vision. They can suggest ways to improve your event, ensuring that everyone can see and hear properly. They also ensure their kit is fully looked after and checked before your event. They’ll have a technician on the day to deal with any problems or swap out any problematic equipment.

From fashion shows to company conferences, whatever the event, it’s wise to employ a professional company. A specialist AV team’s technical knowledge and years of experience can make a massive difference to the quality of your event. They also have a wide range of contacts with venues and organisations and can help you with other aspects of planning your event.


Finding the right AV company

How do you go about finding a suitable AV specialist? This blog is going to outline some of the key considerations when you’re researching for an AV company. If you’re looking for a professional AV company, Red Occasions can help. We offer event production in Northampton, Bedford, Cambridge and beyond. We also offer audio visual hire in Milton Keynes and surrounding regions.


Let’s jump into what to look for when seeking an AV company.



It goes without saying really but of course, you want to opt for a company with a lot of experience and a sound portfolio of previous projects. If they’ve worked on many past events, you can feel confident that they’ll provide you with an efficient and reliable service. You can take advantage of the skills and experience that they’ve learnt along the way. They will be able to offer expert advice on the right kit for your event. They know exactly what works because they’ve tried and tested it out many times before. With experience comes a professional installation. Find out if they’ve worked on a similar project to yours. This will just help alleviate any worries that you may have.


Their kit

The problem with using a venue’s AV kit is that it could be dated. The advantage of opting for an AV specialist is that they will likely have top-of-the-range equipment – and a lot of it! A reputable AV firm will always invest in new kit. They will want to stay ahead of their competitors and impress their clients. Ask your AV vendor about their equipment. For your event to go smoothly, you’ll need fully tested, reliable AV kit that’s right for the job. If the AV specialist has dated or subpar kit, find another.


Stays ahead of the game

Going hand in hand with having the latest equipment is having a partner that truly understands the industry and its trends. They need to be able to evolve and adapt to new technology. By having an innovative-focussed AV company, you’ll have a top-of-the-range event that will impress your attendees.


Ease of communication

It’s vital that your AV company communicate well. You want them to be on top of every aspect of your event before, during and afterwards. They need to keep you in the loop of exactly what to expect. The last thing you need is an AV company that confuses you with jargon. Go for a company that can answer your questions in a way that anyone with no technical background will understand. Good communication results in event success.


Establish client relationships

 When you’re looking for an AV partner, you want to find one that offers a personalised service. Planning an event is a big feat and you need an AV team that are supportive. They need to be an extension of your team and get involved right from the planning stage to offer input and backing. Find a partner that takes time to listen to their clients and are not only professional but friendly too. Having that calibre of partnership will ensure a smooth and seamless experience.


Customised solutions

You don’t want an AV company that just goes through the motions. Find one that can offer you something specific and tailored for your needs. You ideally want a company that listens to your ideas but also offers suggestions. They know how to make events successful so their input is invaluable.



Any AV company you approach should be able to provide numerous testimonials of previous work. You could ask for references from some of their previous clients, to be confident you’re selecting the right company. Check out their Google, TrustPilot and Facebook reviews to get an insight into what past clients thought about their service.


Health and safety

Audio visual equipment can be heavy and potentially dangerous. There could be electrical issues, wires could cause a trip hazard or items could fall from height. Ensure that the company you select takes health and safety seriously. Do they have the relevant safety certification? Is their kit regularly PAT tested? Ask these questions when you speak to them.


What other services do they offer?

Having to use several different vendors can be taxing. Does the AV firm provide other services such as event decoration or staging hire? Perhaps you could use them for more than one service and cut down on the number of vendors you’re dealing with. AV professionals will also have contacts with venues and other vendors, so they can be invaluable in your event planning.



Get quotes from different suppliers and ensure that you understand what the quote entails. A reputable AV company will happily go through your quote with you and explain any technical language. Budget is no doubt going to be a deciding factor in who you opt for. Just remember that the cheapest quote may not be the best service or may have hidden fees. The most expensive may not be right for your needs either. Comparing quotes will give you a good idea of who is offering good value for money.


Take time to choose an AV vendor. They can be a big factor in the success of your event. If you opt for a strong partner, you can really take advantage of their skills and knowledge to make your event a hit.

As a reputable AV company, Red Occasions offer event production in Northampton and surrounding towns. We can provide audio visual hire in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Cambridge and beyond. Get in touch with us to discuss your AV needs.