Red Occasions Secures Second Warehouse!

Following a year of continued growth and success, we are thrilled to announce the acquisition and fit-out of our second warehouse; Unit 2. As part of our company’s expansion plan, we’ve worked with our landlord Bedford Borough Council to secure additional warehousing and office space on the same estate as our current premises. This forms a key step in our expansion plans and enables us to separate out our different operations into dedicated spaces. By securing additional warehouse space, we can serve more clients with robust and reliable production solutions.


The first step we’ve taken is to equip our new unit to make it fit for purpose. The space will be utilised to create a dedicated fabrication workshop, virtual event studios, and additional office space. Since our initial move to Bedford Commercial Park back in Jan 2020 and following the pandemic, we’ve experienced considerable growth. We outgrew our initial capacity due to this rapid growth and found ourselves struggling for space. By securing an additional unit, we can create dedicated areas for our fabrication, virtual events and have additional office space to meet business demands and set us up for future growth.


A Wide Spectrum of Services

To enable us to offer our clients high-quality AV and production solutions, our new unit has been furnished with a wide range of tools and storage solutions. With our new fabrication and wood workshop, we can provide more personalised production services for you including bespoke sets, backdrops and custom finishes. We can serve our clients quickly and efficiently thanks to our new office space.


If you’re looking for help with event production in Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and beyond, Red Occasions can assist. We offer both event production and audio visual equipment in Northampton and the surrounding regions. We can help make your next event a success.


Our Dedicated Virtual Streaming Studio

Since the pandemic, we have also seen a huge rise in the popularity of virtual events. It’s no surprise they’re so well-liked by companies as costs can be significantly reduced compared to in-person events. Companies also find that attendance levels are increased as people can tune in from any location around the world. What’s more, virtual events and live streams are more environmentally sustainable, reducing the need to travel to a physical location and thus lowering carbon emissions.


Stepping Up Our Game

With Unit 2 now fully operational, our team of AV experts will ensure your project is run smoothly right from the initial consultation to the final delivery. We are committed to providing our customers with a quality production service and our new unit is a testament to this. By investing in this new unit and up-to-the-minute audio visual kit, we are ready to help our clients land professional events that impress. As we move through 2023, we are excited about the opportunities this new unit can bring.


A Sound Strategy!

If you’re looking for audio visual equipment in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Bedford and beyond, give Red Occasions a call. You can hire AV kit from us or we can provide full event production in Northampton and nearby. We’d love to hear from you!