Should You Hire an AV Company for Your Next Event?

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You’ve planned, organised and executed the perfect event. Just imagine the dread when you can’t get the presentation to work, the lighting is blindingly bright or there’s ear-piercing microphone feedback. Nightmare! Getting your audio-visual set up right for your event is crucial.

You may have a hard time deciding between renting AV equipment or hiring audio visual equipment to take care of the whole event. If you need AV event production or event audio hire in Bedford or further afield in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, Red Occasions can assist.  We can provide audio visual equipment in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

Why is event AV set up so important?

Expectations are high

In this technology-obsessed world, audiences expect flawless AV. You need to ensure that your audio-visual set-up is carefully planned and managed. This can bring added stress to event planning. By handing the reins over to a professional AV company, you can feel confident that your speech, conference or presentation will go without a hitch.

Impress your audience

If you want to amaze your attendees, the lights, sound and images of slick AV will engage their senses. Professional AV makes a big impact and will bring the whole event to life. You’ll have an attention-grabbing presentation that will not only stimulate the audience but help them to connect to your message.

Cutting-edge equipment

AV companies have all the latest equipment. With crystal clear audio and impeccable lighting, your attendees will have a better experience. A professional audio-visual company will have an extensive inventory and help you pick the right kit for your event.

Complex equipment

It’s likely if you’re planning an event, you’re not an expert in AV. Don’t waste time trying to work out how all the intricate equipment works. An AV event production company can handle this for you. They can ensure your event starts on time and everything goes ahead without a hiccup.


An AV company have the knowledge and expertise to handle any type of event whether indoors or out. They can help you decide what equipment you’ll need and offer advice. They know the intricacies of each piece of kit and how to fix any common malfunctions.

Dedicated team

If you use the venue’s on-site AV team, the audio visuals of your event may not be their top priority but with a third party, it will be. An in-house team will just provide the same equipment and design that they use for everyone else. An independent company will produce something more creative and be with you every step of the way. They’ll ensure everything runs smoothly, nothing is damaged or moved out of place and, above all, offer you support.

Hard work done for you

The professional AV team will install and disassemble all the equipment for you. You won’t have to worry about returning the kit to a rental company. They’ll clean up at the end of your event and take it all away.

Reduces your responsibility

Planning an event is a huge responsibility. Using an AV company reduces your workload. You won’t have to worry about sound quality or lighting issues. Let’s not forget how much time you’ll save too by not having to set the audio visuals up.


To execute an event flawlessly, it’s wise to employ a professional AV company. If you’re looking for AV production services or event audio hire, Red Occasions offer audio visual rental in Bedford and beyond.