The Power of Sound

Sound is powerful. When it comes to throwing an event, it is absolutely essential that the attendees can hear the message, performance or speech. The last thing you want is for murmurs of “what did he say” to emerge from your audience. Nor do you want the guests covering their ears at the sound of screeching microphone feedback. If people can’t hear what’s happening properly then your event is effectively worthless. It becomes an utterly wasted opportunity. That’s how crucial sound is to the success of your event.


Why will poor sound negatively impact your event?

If your audience can’t hear properly then you’ve lost your chance to get your message across to them. It’s as simple as that. When an event has crisp and clear sound, the audience may not notice as it’s been seamlessly coordinated. However, the minute there’s any kind of problem with the sound, this will be immediately evident to the guests. Inappropriate sound can make the audience agitated, switch off or even leave.  The performers can also feel frustrated if the sound is not right. You’ve spent all that time and money organising an event, you don’t want the sound to be the reason the event is a failure, right?


Yet sound seems to be almost forgotten about when planning an event. Sound is an afterthought. Event planners focus on finding the perfect venue, the most inspiring visuals or the most engaging speaker. None of which will matter if the audience can’t hear!


You should never “make do” when it comes to sound. You need to set up the correct sound system to suit the venue space and audience capacity. If you have a softly spoken presenter, environmental noise or the room is large, you’ll need a professionally set-up sound system to amplify the voice of the presenter, the music or the video.


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Why is good sound important for your event?

Sound is a sensory experience. If you’re trying to concentrate and there’s annoying noise going on around you, it will affect your mood. With the right sound setup, you can enhance your guests’ experience. The music, sound effects, performers’ voices, video audio… whatever sound it is, it has the potential to evoke an emotional response in your guests. It can breathe life into an event, creating good vibes and putting your attendees in a fantastic mood. Great sound can conjure up positive feelings. Sound is also a fabulous ambient maker. It can add atmosphere and energy to an event; ideal for geeing up a crowd at a concert or award show. Excellent sound can help guests to enjoy themselves, whether that’s through dancing to a popular song or hearing an uplifting motivational speech. Sound can also help to direct your audience; it can be a cue to listen or a prompt to act.


When the sound is right, you’ll find it will enhance engagement. The guests will be stirred up and more likely to get involved, asking questions or providing feedback. It will help to hold their attention too, allowing you to get your message across. If the sound is perfect, you’ll ensure that no information is lost or misheard. Every attendee will leave the event with a positive opinion of how it went. You don’t want them departing having struggled to hear your message or complaining that the sound was deafeningly loud. Sound can also be connected to a brand. Some people can hear a sound clip and instantly know which brand it is connected to. Therefore, for company meetings and conferences, you can make the sound part of your branding strategy.


What could go wrong with the sound at your event?

With the wrong audio visual kit, an inexperienced AV crew or improper AV installation, you could run into potential audio problems. You’ll need to take into consideration the size and acoustics of the venue, background noise and the positioning of the AV kit.


There are many different types of speaker sizes and shapes that are all designed for different purposes. Choosing the correct kit is a challenging task if you’re not a professional. If you haven’t got the correct audio set up then the sound could end up being too loud or too quiet. Microphone mishaps, broken sound or audio delays all reflect badly on you. You don’t want to leave your guests feeling underwhelmed, believing your event is unprofessional or assuming that the planner was underprepared. This may reflect badly on your brand too; your reputation is at stake.


Why should you hire a professional audio visual team?

An expert AV crew will ensure the sound is consistent, clear and at the right volume. You’ll get the highest quality of audio possible as they are trained and knowledgeable in all things audio. They are hands-on and will organise manage and control the sound throughout the event. A professional AV team will know how to fix problems immediately and even prevent them from happening in the first place.


An expert AV team will know the technical requirements of each performer or presenter. They will ensure the sound system is perfect for the venue and the size of the audience. They will also carry out all the necessary sound checks prior to the big day to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


If you’re looking for event production in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton or further afield, Red Occasions can support you. You can hire audio visual equipment in Cambridge and beyond from us or we can operate and manage your audio needs at your next event. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with some sound advice!