Understanding the Role of a Comfort Monitor and Its Importance

There’s nothing worse than watching a presenter struggle to engage the audience, leaving attendees disconnected and disinterested. Presenting isn’t easy! Especially when it’s in front of a large crowd. You may have prepped your presentation to within an inch of its life but when you’re on that stage, the pressure is on to deliver the message.

The presenters who stay focused on the crowd and move about the stage are far more effective and engaging than those who are glued to their notes at the podium. But without notes, how can you do that? It’s hard enough presenting without having to memorise the content.

That’s where the right audio visual equipment can step in and support you. A comfort monitor is just the tool to help you look prepared and put you at ease.


What is a comfort monitor?

A comfort monitor is a visual display that allows a presenter or host to see what is being shown on the main screen without needing to turn their back to the audience. Typically, it is an LED monitor placed at the front of the stage. They tend to be mostly hidden from the audience’s view. Comfort monitors are often angled up so that the presenter can take easy glances at their slides whilst naturally maintaining eye contact with attendees. They are sometimes called confidence monitors – because that’s exactly what they aim to do – give you the confidence to perform a slick presentation.

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Comfort monitors are ideal for:

  • Ensuring the presenter is keeping their attention on the audience and maintaining engagement levels
  • The smooth running of the event
  • Making a presentation more professional
  • Taking pressure off presenters and making them feel more relaxed


In your comfort zone

A comfort monitor is essential for presenters to feel confident and in control of their presentations. Presenters are expected to be interactive, engaging and delivering dynamic performances. Expectations are high! No one wants to see a poor presentation. It can be tricky to be more interactive with your audience when you’re tied to a podium with notes. A comfort monitor can elevate your presentation to new heights, allowing you to wander the stage while keeping your focus on your attendees.


A comforting presence

Using a comfort monitor can take a bit of practice and that’s where Red Occasions can support. Our expert AV technicians will not only set it all up for you but show you how it works and give you tips on using it effectively. We understand it can be daunting using new technology but we will take the time to talk you through how it works. We always make sure our clients are comfortable with the comfort monitor. We can help you to rehearse before the big day. With practice, the comfort monitor will become your new best friend. It’s an impressive audio visual aid that can enhance any public speaking event.



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