Virtual Event Production Milton Keynes

Virtual Event Production Milton Keynes

4 Stand-Out Ideas for Virtual Events in Milton Keynes

Prior to 2020 most people hadn’t heard of virtual events, let alone attended one. Now that’s all changed; whether it’s an impromptu drinks party during lockdown, a Zoom seminar, or an international conference, the virtual event has entered our social and work calendar. Red Occasions now regularly provide virtual event production in Milton Keynes for business, education, and commerce.

We’ve learnt a good deal about running successful virtual events over the last couple of years. It’s all about understanding your participants. The virtual event audience is in their own space and subject to multiple distractions. The virtual event, therefore, has much more work to do to keep everyone engaged and energised throughout. Here are 4 ideas for making your virtual event in Milton Keynes an unforgettable experience:

1. Mix Up the Modes of Engagement

Even for those with the best intentions, sitting staring at a screen quickly becomes tedious. One highly successful strategy to hold your audience’s attention, is to pepper the event with different kinds of experience:

  • A 10-minute yoga class.
  • A mini quiz tailored to the event.
  • Virtual karaoke.
  • A digital photobooth.

2. Choose Experienced Speakers

Part of our virtual event production in Milton Keynes is ensuring that presenters are prepared for their slot. A keynote speaker who’s used to working on camera stands out a mile in these circumstances. They understand how to engage their virtual audience, and they don’t allow them to drift off whilst they’re presenting. Techniques used include speaking ‘off notes’, inviting questions, and asking for opinions regularly.

3. Break Out Into Groups

In face-to-face events it’s the breakout groups that are often the most useful and enjoyable part of the event. So don’t forget to include this kind of activity in your virtual event. You may want to set up Q&A sessions with an industry representative; set a problem for groups to solve together or set topics for groups to discuss and report back on.

4. Eating and Drinking Together

One of the joys of a good live event is sharing food and drink with people you know or are getting to know. It’s a powerful way to connect, and obviously more difficult in virtual circumstances. The Red Occasions team has seen some imaginative examples of ways to reproduce this experience:

  • Send your virtual participants a promotion code for takeaways and give everyone the opportunity to eat together in virtual groups.
  • Provide a package of tea, coffee or hot chocolate sachets and biscuits prior to the event – so coffee breaks feel like they’re still connected.
  • Surprise everyone with a pre-packed kit containing the ingredients for cakes, cocktails, or a soft drink alternative prior to the event – and then include a session for putting them to use.

Working With Red Occasions

The Red Occasions virtual production team includes producers, technicians and project managers, all committed to ensuring that your virtual event in Milton Keynes goes without a hitch. Whatever the format, we provide top-quality technical know-how and equipment. Need some help with ideas? Just let us know what your event is, and we’ll be happy to make suggestions.

Would you like a demo so you can see how virtual event production in Milton Keynes works? Just give us a call on 01234 430 368 and we’ll set one up for you.