We Made The Grade – University of Portsmouth, Class of 2022 Virtual Graduations

Donning that cap and gown is a rite of passage and a significant part of any student’s university journey. Graduations are the time to come together to celebrate all that hard work, all those achievements and all those late nights spent writing that dissertation.

During the pandemic, celebrating that milestone was put on hold or moved from an in-person event to a virtual one. Now we’re (thankfully) back to in-person events, the benefits of virtual graduations (or any virtual event for that matter) were more than highlighted during covid restrictions. Many universities continue to provide a virtual ceremony in addition to their in-person event. This allows students, family and friends to attend no matter where they are in the world. This is particularly important for overseas students who can’t return to graduate in person.

Passing with flying colours

The University of Portsmouth pride themselves on continuing to offer virtual graduations for their students. The culmination of all that time, energy and work they’ve put into gaining their qualification deserves to be celebrated, even if the student can’t be there physically. For the Class of 2022, Red Occasions partnered with The University of Portsmouth to provide a virtual live stream of their graduation ceremony.

So much more interactive than just a Zoom call, the university holds its bespoke graduation on the platform Graduation:Live. This allows the students to celebrate with others, have conversations via a Live Chat and cheer on friends during the ceremony.

If you’re looking to set up a virtual or hybrid event like this one, Red Occasions can help. We provide event production in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford and beyond. What’s more, if you need AV hire, we can provide audio visual equipment in Northampton and the surrounding towns. Contact us to discuss your event or AV needs.


What is Graduations.Live?

Graduations.Live help to recreate the magic of a live graduation ceremony on a virtual platform. It’s an enhanced way for students and lecturers to celebrate their achievements with their friends and family. It’s easy to use and allows students to reminisce, share their excitement and create connections with fellow alumni. The features include:

Class Photo: Students can submit a photo of themselves that will be used to create a group shot of everyone together in front of the university.

Graduation Store: Students can purchase graduation dress and memorabilia.

Grad Clip: Students can share their stories and experiences.

Celebration Video: Students film themselves throwing their mortarboard in the air.

Wall of Fame: Students are recognised for their achievements.

Live Chat: Everyone can share memories and say congratulations to one another.

Digital Yearbook: Students can connect their LinkedIn profile to start networking.

Supporting our client Graduation.Live, Red Occasions helped to organise and manage the virtual section of the graduation.


The Event Specifics

Who: The University of Portsmouth

What: The University of Portsmouth Class of 2022 virtual graduations

Where: Creative and Cultural Industries Building, University of Portsmouth campus

When: 18th – 21st July 2022

Why: The University of Portsmouth hold an in-person and virtual graduation ceremony simultaneously every year. Supporting our client Graduations.Live, Red Occasions helped to facilitate the virtual portion of the ceremonies.

Red Occasions’ Expertise

Utilising three separate spaces within the university’s Creative and Cultural Industries building, we constructed a control room and two presentation studios. The separate studios were built to accommodate and harmonise with the two sections of the graduation. One was a formal feel with segments presented by the relevant faculty heads. The second was a more relaxed atmosphere for the personal sections presented by Television Production students from the university itself.

Once we had established the appropriate aesthetic, we then used a variety of technology to make the presenters feel as comfortable as possible within the space, so they could deliver a solid performance. We captured all this and combined it with bespoke designed visual content to keep the stream engaging, whilst still including all the relevant content you would expect from an in-person graduation.


Degree Glee – They Made It!

The most innovative and technically challenging component of the project was the Virtual Roll Call. With meticulous pre-production and collaboration with the end client, everyone was able to see the graduates’ reactions as they were awarded their degree on the virtual stage. The Virtual Roll Call is always by far the highlight of a virtual ceremony. It’s that pivotal moment when the student receives the degree they worked so hard for.


Love Live Streaming

Remote events have grown in popularity over the last few years. It’s an excellent tool that allows you to reach a worldwide audience.


What is Virtual Live Streaming?

Virtual live streaming is a type of event that allows people to watch from anywhere in the world on the internet. You can watch via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Popular examples are webinars, virtual conferences, online classes and even weddings and funerals.

So long as you have the correct equipment, including a live-streaming platform, and ample preparation, you can live-stream any event. It can be combined with an in-person event – this is known as a hybrid event.


Benefits of Virtual Live Streaming:

  • You can reach people around the world.
  • It cuts venue, transport, food and accommodation costs compared to in-person events.
  • You’ll achieve higher audience levels as people can attend no matter where they are located.
  • The event can be archived and replayed again and again.


If you need help putting on a virtual or hybrid event, give Red Occasions a call. We provide audio visual equipment in Northampton and the surrounding regions. If you’re looking for event production in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Bedford or nearby towns, Red Occasions are a professional AV company that can assist. Give us a call today!