Why is Event Staging Important?

When planning an event, you need to set the stage, literally. The staging is a critical component and some events are not complete without it. Right from when you’re selecting a venue space, you should be considering the staging. Some sites already have a stage established. Perfect! That’s one less thing to worry about. However, if your venue doesn’t then you may need to rent or invest in staging in order to elevate your event to the next level.

The type of staging set-up you go for really depends on the event that you’re hosting. Here are some events that hugely benefit from having a stage:

Setting up a stage involves complex elements such as rigging, lighting trusses and video screens, so it’s best left in the hands of the professionals. If you’re looking for staging hire in Milton Keynes, Northampton Bedford, Cambridge and beyond, Red Occasions can create custom stages and sets for you. We can also provide full event production in Northampton and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of staging

How can staging make your event more memorable and impactful? Well for starters, guests get a better viewing experience when the performers or speakers are raised up high on a stage.

This is particularly important if you have an event with a significant number of attendees. You want everyone to have clear vision in order for them to get the most out of your event. The staging acts as a focal point of the event as it attracts the audience’s attention. The stage gives your performers or presenters space to move around and better engage with the guests. See it as a home for your performers – they will flourish on the right stage! It transforms a space into a performance area. A stage also provides your event with a professional look, so it’s great for anything corporate from conferences to product launches. Setting up a stage also helps to divide and establish restricted areas within your venue space. It protects the presenters and performers, as well as the attendees.

Stage layout

When deciding on a stage, you need to consider the layout. Do you want a standard stage or something a little more elaborate such as tiered staging or raised platforms? When choosing a stage layout, your audience need to be your main consideration. What will work best for them? What gives them the best line of vision? What is the safest way to set up your space? You need to consider the venue’s limitations. You may be restricted by space and may not have room for that huge elaborate stage that you had your heart set on. You need to also consider the height of the staging. For an intimate event, you don’t want the stage to be too high whereas something like a concert will need to be raised quite far from the ground. If you’re looking to hire staging from a professional, ask them if they offer 3D visualisation drawings. These will allow you to better visualise how the staging will look ahead of the event.

Modular staging

Modular staging is probably the easiest option when hiring a stage. It’s versatile, allowing you to adapt the height, size and shape layout of the stage. It can be used indoors and outdoors, so it’s perfect for all event types. What’s more, it’s portable and easy to set up and take down. You can customise it to cater to your event’s needs and also decorate it to suit your theme.

Things to consider when hiring a stage

  • Health and Safety

Safety is key. A professional company will take every precaution to set up staging correctly. There are many potential risks such as guests or performers falling from a stage, trip hazards and heavy items. Risk assessments need to be carried out.

  • Stage decoration/design

You need to consider how you plan to decorate your stage. Do you need a lectern for the speakers? They’re ideal for award shows and conferences. What about backdrops or banners? Perhaps you’ll want to display your company logo? With decorations, lighting and unique touches, you can grab the audience’s focus with intriguing stage design before the performance or speakers have even begun.

  • AV for the stage

As well as stage furniture, you’ll need to also consider the audio visual equipment for the stage. The lighting can bring your stage to life and focus the audience’s attention. Same with visuals; a large screen or LED wall can transform a stage from dull to exciting. You may need a roof in order to hang lighting, sound, video or signage.

So you see, the stage is a crucial element of your event. With the proper use of lighting, visuals and space, it is a vital part of the experience. If you need staging hire in Northampton or beyond, Red Occasions can design, set up and take down a stage for your event. We also provide full event production in Northampton, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Bedford and the surrounding areas. Get in touch to discuss your next event and how we can help.